The Benefits of Custom Packaging Boxes in New Hyde Park NYC

Custom packaging boxes in New Hyde Park NYC are made of eco-friendly paper that is recyclable, reusuable and biodegradable. Their shape ensures they fit securely around any product being stored inside them and protect their fragile contents against potential damage during transit.

Stock containers often damage products they hold, leading to disappointed customers and lost revenue. By designing custom boxes instead, a company can create packaging that is both stylish and functional – appealing more strongly to potential customers.


Custom boxes can be an economical and ecological choice for business startups. Customized cardboard boxes can help boost sales and reach a broader market while simultaneously building brand recognition among potential customers. Cardboard makes an excellent material choice because it is inexpensive yet sturdy – plus eco-friendly too.

Customized boxes are tailored specifically for products, enabling companies to reduce shipping and material expenses as well as padding or divider costs during transit. Furthermore, using eco-friendly materials that are recyclable or sustainable saves money.

Price for custom boxes varies based on several factors, including size, print style and shipping options. A small order of standard Base and Lid style boxes will typically be less costly than larger orders while high-end Tray in 4-Panel Folder style ones will incur greater expenses. Foil stamping requires more labor for setup and therefore increases total expenses accordingly.


Eco-friendly custom packaging boxes are an effective way to promote both your products and brand. Available in various sizes and finishes, they can be tailored with logos and graphics for customization, decorated using techniques like aqueous coating, matte/gloss lamination, spot UV, silver/gold foiling, raised ink printing or embossing; additionally they’re durable enough to protect products during transit.

Eco-friendly packaging helps lower shipping costs. Reusing recycled paper and materials such as cardboard sourced from sustainable forests or certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative chain-of-custody standard are great ideas when packaging items responsibly.

Investment in eco-friendly packaging can help your business attract new customers and expand customer loyalty. Many millennials are willing to pay more for products from companies who prioritize sustainability; eco-friendly packaging serves as a powerful marketing tool that sets you apart from your competition.


Branding is an integral component of business success, and custom packaging can help your organization stand out from its competition. By using your logo and colors to create an eye-catching package design that stands out, using custom packaging can increase brand recognition while building customer loyalty while drawing in new buyers.

Packaging plays an integral part in creating a memorable customer experience and should reflect your company’s values and personality. Allbirds is an example of an example using minimalist design for its shoe boxes which mirror their core values and brand identity for an engaging unboxing experience that builds brand loyalty and trust with customers.

Customized packaging provides another key benefit of customized solutions: protecting products. Standard premade boxes don’t always fit products properly, leading to damage and unhappy customers. By choosing a box that was tailored specifically to fit your product’s dimensions and weight needs, extra shipping costs are reduced significantly; saving small businesses significant money overall! Furthermore, customized solutions allow businesses to incorporate void fill options to prevent products shifting during shipment, which often leads to damage during transit.


Custom packaging boxes can be an invaluable marketing asset for your business. Easy to design, they help create an instantaneous brand element and offer customers an amazing unboxing experience – creating positive word-of-mouth advertising and increased sales.

Custom boxes are also environmentally-friendly. Their construction involves paper that is both recyclable and reusuable, helping reduce land waste while protecting aquatic life. Furthermore, custom boxes don’t use harmful inks that would pollute the atmosphere further.

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Customized boxes can help save you money on shipping costs. Most major carriers now charge by package volume rather than weight, making proper shape and size of box imperative to successful transport of product. An incorrect size or shape could require more void fill to prevent damages during transport – further increasing shipping costs over time. Having customized boxes ensure snug fitting packaging that provides adequate padding protection can prevent this scenario from occurring.

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