5 Digital Signage Apps on Google Play in New York

what are the digital signage app on google play

There are a number of digital signage apps available on Google Play, but which ones are best for you? Read on for a list of the top choices. ScreenCloud, NowSignage, TelemetryTV, and Promota are a few of the many options on the market. All of these apps work well for displaying messages to customers, but which one is right for your needs? The answer to that question may surprise you!


NowSignage is an Android application available for download from the Google Play store that turns any display into a digital signage display. The application integrates with a people-counting sensor and displays the dashboard alongside other content. NowSignage is perfect for multiple entrances, single entrances, and multi-entrances. It can also monitor trends and social distancing. It can also help students and visitors navigate the premises easier. It is especially useful in a college setting, or during open days.

With NowSignage, you can easily upload, schedule, and manage content for multiple screens. You can also integrate RSS feeds and moderate social media posts, and control the content across multiple locations. The app is a powerful digital signage solution that is designed to disrupt the traditional digital signage market. But is NowSignage worth the hype? Let’s find out! Check out the NowSignage review for a quick look at what this app has to offer.


Aside from helping you create a stunning digital signage, the Promota app also offers a wide variety of customizable templates. With this app, you can use Google Chromecast, webOS TV, Fullscreen Mode, or mobile devices to display your digital signage. It is also possible to share your digital signage content on social media, so you can attract even more attention. Not only that, but the app also helps you save time on design work, too.

You can create multiple playlists, manage users and content schedules, and integrate social media platforms. The app also includes a media library, which you can use to upload and edit your own content. It also allows you to create custom video walls. There is one player per organization, and it supports up to 15 items in the library, including videos up to one minute long. The app can be used to create multiple displays and manage them with ease.


The TelemetryTV digital signage application runs on Windows PCs and Mac Laptops. If you’re looking for a digital signage solution for your business, this app might be the best choice for you. It is also compatible with most popular Android TV platforms. The app’s easy-to-use interface lets you manage all your content, create playlists, and schedule content. And you can even control multiple screens from a single account.

In order to download the TelemetryTV Android app, you need to be on a device that supports the APK file format. The app will ask for permission when you launch it. In addition, you will have to install TelemetryTV’s Launcher app, which will automatically install the Media Player. Once the app is on your device, you will need to root it. While some devices are rooted by default, others require a special ROM to be flashed. If you have an Android device, you can easily root it by following the link on the Google Play Store.


If you’re looking for a digital signage solution, you might consider ScreenCloud, a popular digital signage app on Google Play. This app has many options for adding content, and it appears reliable. ScreenCloud’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy to set up and distribute your digital signage to multiple locations. Unlike other digital signage solutions, this solution doesn’t require you to own or manage expensive media players.

The App makes digital signage simple, and is compatible with a range of popular screen sizes. ScreenCloud’s powerful content management system enables you to send unlimited computer-based content to any screen. You can control the content and manage it right from the browser. With this app, you can manage screens remotely from your desktop or mobile devices, and can even track employee communications. The app also supports auto reboot functionality.

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The new Android platform, Chrome OS, allows developers to port Android applications to a variety of devices including the Chromebit, Chromebook, and even the new Pixel. This allows digital signage apps to be run on any device running Google’s Chrome browser, including TVs and Chromeboxes. This means that Android users can enjoy the same features and applications as their desktop-based counterparts. For businesses, this is particularly exciting.

The first step to deploying digital signage on a Pixel device is to choose the platform. Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system developed by Google. It is fast, simple to set up, and avoids the problems common to Windows-based digital signage. To ensure the device can run modern digital signage software, plan ahead and select the right content management system and media players. A Pixel device with a Google Play app loaded automatically will be able to display the Rise Vision app.

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